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Friday, September 23, 2005

You Make the Call Game: Romantic Comedy

You should know the game by now. If not, take the chance to review. This is for a movie that's set to start production [the actual filming part, anyway] in late 2006. Therefore, there's some choice in your stars. But remember, too, that this is a long-term role: you're also betting, in part, on the careers of your stars, since it won't make it into theatres until at least late 2007.

The movie is a romantic comedy that tries to emphasize the comedy aspect in an attempt to court a male audience to a genre that skews heavily female-- thus establishing a profitable 'date movie' scenario. Therefore, the guy should get top billing while the girl will get a chance to steal the America's Princess Crown from Rachel McAdams or Jennifer Garner or Anne Hathaway or whoever will have it then. So who's your leading couple? And keep in mind-- who might have chemistry? There's also a fun grandma supporting role that I'll let you pick, too. Whee!

*Sorry about the lack of pics, but the site's been loading really slow for me, from several computers, and slow-loading sites are the bane of my existence. I may add some later, and they will be present in later posts.*


Ryan did his time in television, in mediocre movies, and now he's on the verge of superstardom. Or is he?

Cillian Murphy, after a spate of bad-guy roles, could use the image rehab of a romantic comedy to make him a true star.

Will we remember who Wentworth Miller is in two or three years? I guess that's partly up to you.

Topher wants movie respectability-- and with that comes the ritual debasing of oneself with periodic, hopefully profitable romantic comedies.


You might know Anna as the star of the Scary Movie series [she just signed up for #4]. She's in the upcoming gay cowboy flick with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllehalaal, plus I thought she was perfect in "Lost in Translation".

This week, Alexis ranks #2 on IMDB's StarMeter as Sin City saturates the DVD market and Gilmore Girls kicks off another season. Alexis has some movie cred with her past roles, but will she disappear once Gilmore ends in a season or two?

Mandy Moore bumbled her singer-to-actress transition only recently, when she couldn't successfully play herself on Entourage. And she was a cold fish with her Adrian Grenier chemistry. But she's sweet and cute and pretty hot-- could she be ready to be a grown-up rom/com star.

BETTY WHITE Vs. BEA ARTHUR Vs. CLORIS LEACHMANN Vs. Whoever Else Won't Be Dead in late 2006.

Please, to these three stars-- don't die soon. Because I will feel absolutely terrible for making that joke. And you're all great-- remember, it's a testament to your stardom that a fresh generation of assistant recommends you over all older actresses in the game. With that, I give you the latest installment of the Assistant/Atlas You Make the Call Game.
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Blogger Steve Peterson said...

I'll take Ryan Reynolds, because he has the look and attitude for guy comedy -- Mandy Moore, because Anna Faris is too funny and Alexis Bledel is too sexy -- and I'd go for Betty White in sweet lady role or Cloris Leachmann in crazy lady role.

12:43 AM

Anonymous dr manhattan said...

Tough call, not knowing more about the project. But are the options for a guy comedy meets rom comedy really this limited? Ryan Reynolds?! Even if his career takes flight, which it just might, I'd never go with him. Even though he absolutely got the look and attitude down. Too much attitude, and projecting too little charm, warmth and depth.

There must be other guy comedy actors out there, there are a few on television, maybe pick one there, a new Ashton Kuchter. Or try to find a new Sean William Scott among supporting roles in features.

There's of course a reason Cilian Murphy is somewhat typecast. Really talented though.

Topher Grace could probably build a Tom Hanks career out of romantic comedies, to bad he wouldn't help much in attracting the coveted male audience here. But I would still go with Topher and then try to market the hell outta the premise/setup/story.

For the girl: Anna Faris. She can act and she could appeal to both audiences (both sexes and also both genres). And she can take direction enough to not be too funny. If not her, then Alexis Bledel, and then Mandy Moore. But they all seem like good choices.

For the fun grandma: Kathryn Joosten. Liked her in Housewives, and she would transform the role into something other than just the typical Bea Arthur character

6:32 AM

Blogger Carl M. said...

Definitely Topher Grace. Wentworth is interesting, but he'll fade out after Prison Break, then come back huge in 2010 playing some new superhero, or evil villain. The kid goes both ways. *ahem* Ryan Reynolds, hillarious, but you can't take him seriously.

How about Kristen Bell? I'd bank on her to be big in 2007. And Alexis Bledel is the worst actor, EVER. Please make her go away.

Grandma? Who gives a f%#k? Find some old Broadway star who can play the part, but she's not selling any tickets.

10:04 AM

Blogger Bill Cunningham said...

I think it would be hilarious to see Cloris Leachman go head to head with Anna Faris for the affections of Topher Grace.

1st draft logline: Two women in the office - the old secretary and the young executive eager to make her mark - both fall for their new boss and scheme to outdo the other for his affections.

Directed by Mel Brooks or the Farelly Brothers. Written by me, of course.

11:54 AM

Blogger Pink Pen said...

I'm gonna toss in a few more options if I might...

Ryan Gosling for the lead, he can do comedy (Breaker High/Young Hercules), he's done romance (the Notebook) and he can do creepy (that movie with Sandra Bullock). I think if we can get him the right script, he's gonna be big.

And I'll second Kristen Bell, who is a gigantic star waiting to happen...

And for the loving grandma, Janet Wright ( who is absolutely hilarious in Corner Gas. And come on, you know they're gonna film it up here in Canada anyway, so you'll need the Candian content... (and Ryan's a canuck too :) )

12:13 PM

Blogger Jackie Honikman said...

Ok, first off, in late 2007 Ryan Reynolds will probably be the ex-mr. Alanis Morissette (assuming they don't stay married for more than 15 seconds) plus he's canadian... so that's a no vote.

Ryan Gosling is a friend, and might be a good choice, but PINK PEN's point about him being "good at comedy since he was YOUNG HERCULES" is like saying that ashlee simpson is a good singer since she got to perform on SNL.

Topher Grace is brilliant... I could care less about your lineup. But your choice of female stars is rough because none of them are very fall-in-loveable. They're not cute. While I'm generally in favor of Mandy, I'm over her. Alexis is VERY weird... girls won't see a movie where she's the ingenue. And Anna Ferris is weird looking. I would choose Topher and Anna, but he is on a totally different level than her... Thinks might change, but since we KNOW she's doing SM4, it doesn't seem like her stock is really going up.

and that's my overly-opinionated-female rant for today ;)

5:17 PM

Blogger Rock said...

Topher, Alexis, Cloris.

I smell OSCAR!!!

1:01 AM

Blogger queenofattolia said...

Topher Grace is the only one of the male quartet with personality and comedy skills, and will appeal to women (woobie factor) and men (smart-ass nerd factor). I mean, have you seen the trailer to Reynolds' "I was fat, now I'm thin" idiocy? The guy is OK as a supporting player, but he's going the way of Thomas Jane soon, mark my words (no charisma, no real acting chops - he'd better marry Alanis soon). Miller is pretty, but unproven in anything that doesn't require him to be tortured/mysterious/evil. And forget Murphy -- he's Irish/English and can't overcome his creepy/pretty looks (much like his compatriot Jonathan Rhys-Meyers).

As for the rest, I choose Faris because Bledel and Moore are boring (Bledel can't act; Moore is too smiley), and Chloris Leachman, because isn't she getting all these dotty old grandma roles by default these days? Yeah.

4:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:52 AM


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