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Monday, December 12, 2005

Brandon Routh Has A Gay Resume: 4.04

The new Superman has the unfortunate/telling nickname, "BJ". It's unfortunate because the rumors of his skill in this area having landed him a part are all hot on newsstands. Sorry, BJ. Here's the backstory:

First, Gawker reported a Singer-and-Routh-together-at-crazy-gay-coke-party sighting. There have been rumors since Routh was chosen as , actually. Radar magazine is just the most recent (and most explicit) to surmise that Brandon Routh may have gotten his role in openly-gay director Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" thanks to his Gay Mafia connections. SHOCKER!

Does it sometimes seem like every entertainment journalist in the country is unaware of IMDB? Because sometimes it sure does. Look, if you wanted to offer some support to the "Routh-Gets-Jobs-Thanks-to-The-Gay-Mafia" theory, check out the kid's resume. Also, Radar, while we're on the subject, I thought that caption under Routh's picture ("Thuperman?") was pretty bigoted.

Now, Routh's IMDB page is right here.

His publicist, naturally, has issued a denial on the gay issue, going so far as to mention a girlfriend to whom Routh is supposedly happily committed. No word on whether she lives in Canada. So let's go to those credits on IMDB now for some truth. Most of Routh's work is TV, which is fine. People can become famous thanks to TV. Just look at Mischa Barton. But that's not the question, is it? The question is if he's deeply entwined by nostril and nipplering to the Gay Mafia. Because some people apparently care. Routh started with guest spots on TV, shall we?

TV Guest Spots:
(60% Gay, 20% Inconclusive, 20% Straight Or Talent-Related)
Oliver Beene-- Because even IMDB Pro doesn't list who directed each episode of Oliver Beene and I'm too lazy to go anywhere else, this one is a toss-up because there are too many one-degree-of-gay and rose-up-from-near-porn-beginnings producers for it to be conclusively non-Gay Mafia. Someone with a few more resources/time than I could figure it out. For the Kevin Bacon game people, Brandon Routh was in an episode of this show with Maggie Grace, who was actually in seven eps.
Will & Grace-- Obvious Gay Mafia.
Cold Case-- Jan Oxenberg directed Routh's episode. She played herself in gay doc "The Celluloid Closet". Gay Mafia.
Gilmore Girls-- Not a hugely gay show, but not particularly straight, either. Oddly, the director of Routh's episode was Bruce Seth Green, who Buffy/Angel fans will remember as a frequent director. It's hard to tell from his orientation from his previous work. I guess I'm giving this one to the perhaps-actual-talent category unless the Buffy crowd corrects me.
Odd Man Out-- Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but director David Kendall (who did Routh's ep of this series) has as his most recent work the film "Dirty Deeds", which was produced by gay-run Green Diamond Entertainment. I'm chalking up this one for the Gay Mafia-oriented.
A Capo of the Gay Mafia?

(Inconclusive- Sample Too Small)
Aside from Superman, there's just one--"Karla". The writer/director of this indie "starring" Laura Prepon (Donna from That 70s Show) is Joel Bender. Mr. Bender's filmography is fascinating, as it swings between horror and exploitation films like "Gas Pump Girls" and "The Returning" and kids/teen fare like "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and "Sweet Valley High". Wait, "Sweet Valley High"? Gay.

TV Series:
(100% Pretty Gay)
MTV's Undressed-- I'm not saying it's a gay show, I'm just saying that 90% of the gay actors I knew at USC had done at least one guest spot on it. Brandon got a full season (3).
One Life to Live-- Soap opera. 'Nuf said.

The point is, if you really wanted evidence that Routh is gay, it's right at your fingertips. Heck, a few Google searches and you can find out if anybody is anything. Really. But really, can you be sure? Can you be sure beyond a reasonable doubt? Are you willing to think differently of him even if you're not sure he's actually different? Are you a jerkface who actually cares if people are gay or not if they're actors? And if Routh did get his part from being Bryan Singer's party boy, should you think less or him or more? After all, I'd think it can't be easy to be that alleged guy.

Mr. Routh, I apologize for the serious invasion into your personal life. Quite frankly, if Superman fails because you are gay (not that I know you are), then that is a barbaric tragedy. But Brandon, your resume is so gay, Wentworth Miller looks straighter on paper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atlas, props on the journalism. But just a suggestion: Next time, use your powers for a higher purpose than figuring out Brandon Routh is gay. And also, duh.

9:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought everyone knew he was gay.

10:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, is that a picture of him? Why the hell does he look so hot here and no where else? Bizarro.

8:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh atlas,

there were some swinging parties down here in OZ. no surprise that singer 'did' superman in sydney...


8:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People lie on imdb and studiosystem all the time. I caught three people (who should have known better) this week. LA, Hollywood, entertainmentville, whatever is a very small town.

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHY is this of any interest to anyone besides Brandon Routh and the person (persons) he's involved with? Gay, not gay, if YOU aren't "doing" him then it's not your business.

Find something else to write about. Your usual navel gazing, perhaps.

9:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People may "lie on studiosystem and IMDB", but I fact-checked Atlas and his analysis checks out for the most part I will say that as I am a professional fact-checker, I do have at least some skill at this. I know Atlas has been "all up on" Routh, but as far as I can tell, the research backs him up. It seems Brandon Routh is quite vigorously gay.

1:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the same fact-checker as before and I am absolutely ashamed that I didn't edit myself enough before posting.

1:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across this conversation in search of Routh's girlfriend's name. I was on the floor of the NBA celeb allstar game, and sat next to his girlfriend. I know she is an actress, but I can not place her name. She looks a bit like Fiona Apple and Damn, can't place her, but I can tell you he was with a female. I just want to find her name. Needless to say, in searching for her name, I am surprised to here all this gay talk about the guy. Obviously, allstar game night he was batting on a different team then what you all are talking about..

my $.02

10:52 PM

Blogger Dcfreak114 said...

Actually, she looks like Claire Forlani. And her name's Courtney Ford. She's been with Brandon for two years. Is that enough proof that he's not gay?

2:14 PM

Blogger A. Beaverhousen said...

When asked if he had ever had sex with a man, Richard Burton said, "all ACTORS are GAY."

9:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've seen him at a few gay parties.

7:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's not gay. i know him, his crew and his girlfriend. we would all like to claim a few more for our side, but he's just not. why not focus on the real fag in the cast, kevin spacey?

9:36 PM

Anonymous bob followell said...

he is gay cause he had sex with Tyler Miller and I saw it and 34 other people did to it was a shock to see that!!

1:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what?! he had sex with tyler miller?! i know he's a gay and everything but.. have sex?! ugh.. um.. bob followell can u tell me wher did u see dat pic?

11:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

omfg he is nnot gay???? plus its not ur damn problem.. I kno he is nat gay because hes had a gf for 2 years now .the only reason he waz probablyu even at the gay party is be cause he wanted that part or he waz singers friend or sum 1 elses. U can tell if u look at him he is not gay. And u bob followell were did u c dat pic if it even exists or video??

8:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also kno hes not gay cuz on trl dis morning i saw him and umm i forgot her name but lois lane was grabbing his ass and he et her and den he showd dem his ass but not naked

its me da last person

8:46 AM

Blogger kat21 said...

okay, he is so not gay. he has been going out with his girlfriend for two years, and that was way before he got famouse, so what would he have to hide. also i was looking on and the director of superman even said he was not gay, he said he was the most heterosexual (likes girls) actor he has ever worked with.

8:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx kat21 so for u pplz there it is

6:34 AM

Blogger kat21 said...

No problem i just did this so everyone would know the truth get off his back and let the man be. Come on how could you be so mean to someone who is so cute and hasn,t done anything wrong.

11:26 AM

Blogger FRIEND said...


6:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm?...brandom routh is gay?..well,whatever he is,he's still cute and yummy....(correct me if im wrong)

5:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay,for all of you who are still saying he is gay. HE IS NOT GAY. The director is gay and the director even said that brandon routh is not gay , so pleaseside with me on this one.

9:55 AM

Blogger /iambrew said...

I would love to think he's gay. Does he have any porn videos?
Hahahaha... The perve in me...

4:54 PM

Blogger emz said...

Brandon Routh is NOT GAY. Why are people such akin to besmirching a person's well-merited name when he has a rising popularity? Can't we just give him a break and let him be? We should be happy for Brandon for what he has achieved and continue to support him in accomplishing his career plans.

7:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pls anyone could forward to me the pix of tyler miller and brandon routh plzzz on my email

3:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does everyone think he is gay!! that is so stupid where is hte actual proof? He has a girlfriend! If he was truly full on gay, he wouldn't have a problem saying it. He has already said that he isn't gay

10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter whether someone you enjoy watching on the big screen and or TV is gay or not? Unless of course we are all wondering whether something is wrong with us since we would all like to believe that we have an instinctual gay radar deeply buried inside of ourselves. As if wen you are a straight dude, you'll sundenly feels that BR was not all that great as Superman once you find out he's gay. And if you're a chick, oh, the disapointment, surely your gay radar needs tuning.
I don't care whether he is or not, I don't care to know, or even discuss it. Smart people talk about ideas, idiots talk about other people and their sexual preferences.

10:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon Routh gay or no gay, YOU are the new Superman. Breaking box office records here in the Philippines can attest to that. And I thought Americans are the most liberal people as far as gender issues are concerned? Why bash on Brandon Routh. Please let's give this fellow a chance. Brandon congrats!

cagayan de oro

11:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are profoundly retarded, it seems. The reasons on which you have predicated your belief that he is not gay are so fallacious and flawed that my brain is hurting right now.

1. People can lie. Brian Singer can lie. Brian Singer has every reason to lie and say that Brandon Routh is straight, since telling everyone that he is gay would seriously be a detriment to the success of his movie and to Brandon's career! Er! Also, Routh and Singer are probably really close friends (if you know what I mean); there is no way Singer is going to damage Routh's career and reputation by telling everyone he's gay. It may also be that Singer signed a contract stipulating that he would not disclose Routh's sexuality to the public.

2. The fact of having had a girlfriend for 2 years doesn't mean anything at all. My uncle (and this is true of a lot of men) was married for 25 years and had 4 children before he came out of the closet and told everyone he was completely gay (i.e. no interest in women whatsoever). Now my uncle has a boyfriend and tries to invite him to all of our family parties. It may be that Brandon hasn't yet come out to his family and that's the reason he started a relationship with a woman before even being cast for this movie. He may only be dating her to hide his sexuality from his family. Moreover, we don't know that Brandon Routh and his spokesperson weren't lying. It may be that he has no girlfriend at all or that he started dating her after being cast for the movie. He and his agent have absolutely no reason to tell the truth here. I refer you to #1 above. PEOPLE CAN LIE!

3. Someone mentioned that because he had seen the actress who played the part of Lois Lane grab Brandon's ass that was proof that Brandon is straight... I don't even know where to begin with that. By that logic, if I went up to a hot lesbian and grabbed her ass that would mean she was straight no matter how many women she had had sex with and despite the fact that she had had sex with not one man. Right... Makes sense.

I think that as much as the homosexuals here are thinking wishfully, the heterosexual girls here who fantasize about marrying Brandon when they grow up are as well. Why don't you try being objective and face the facts instead of turning a blind eye to them and pretending that what you want to be true is true?

P.S. I liked what Kat21 said. And I quote, "No problem i just did this so everyone would know the truth get off his back and let the man be. Come on how could you be so mean to someone who is so cute and hasn,t done anything wrong."

What the fuck?! Is that really what you think? Do you have such a low opinion of homosexuals and homosexuality that you would think calling him gay to be an insult and a mean thing?! There is nothing bad, wrong, evil with homosexuality, so you shouldn't deem it a mean and rude thing that we should be calling him gay. My God you are stupid.

P.P.S., Guy from the Philippines, I like you! You speak English better than the people here whose native language is English! You are far more intelligent and you have a very healthy attitude concerning this issue. Thank you for restoring my faith in mankind.

3:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, before the movie Superman came out I started reading a little about Brandon Routh and read some information on him. It stated he was dated Kevin Mann since 2003 and started dating Courtney Ford since 2004. I really didn't think much about it. Until after the movie was released and I went back to the same site to see if there were any new information on him and realized the dating information was no longer there. Now is that a cover up, I think so!!!

7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am tired of the same old story ,always coming up with stupid theories whether that actor is gay .everytime a new cute and handsome actor like brandon routh become famous there is always people like you guys saying that he is gay, and why is that? it's just simple because all of you that talk so much BS are just JEALOUS because of the simple fact that now he is known everywhere and has money and girls love him, besides HE IS NOT GAY, my brother is gay and has a good radar on detecting gay people and let me tell you something he is so not one. and if he has been seen in gay parties it's just part of his job that he has to go to any event they invite him in order for him to be know by other people in his new life as a new star. GIVE THE GUY A BREAK.

12:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Routh is gay but even if he is, I could care less, and so should other people. The movie was really well done. Routh honoured Christopher Reeve as superman and people should be proud of that. Good work Brandon

10:08 PM

Blogger kat21 said...

He is gay, he isn't gay this is all making my head hurt, but I still stick to my beliefs. HE IS NOT GAY, so please leave the poor man alone.

5:09 PM

Blogger melarulz said...

I think Brandon is the Hottest man Alive!!!! I am so happy that he is the new Super Man. I know that no one else would have done a better job than he has!!! Brandon, your girlfriend Courtney is a very beautiful and VERY LUCKY girl. I hope your carrer is a long and prosperous one. Don't let these horrible people and their rumors get to you. Love, Mariela =)

5:53 PM

Anonymous Alejis said...

Well, i'm a chick and a yaoi lover so i am actually excited to think that brandon is gay ^_^
But when i was watching the movie i wasnt thinkin "is he gay? or not " all i could think was wow this is spooky , i didnt know cloning was allowed (doesnt he look just like cristopher reed?)and wow he is doing a great performance gooooo baby !!! fly fly fly like is the last brownie !!!

7:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon Routh plainly cannot be gay! I mean he doesn't even sound gay! And the way he holds himself is not gay AND HE'S JUST NOT GAY!! some of the critics and all them just wanna have some fresh meat to sink their rotting teeth into. They grabbed a plastic steak.

8:19 PM

Blogger ~Maria~ said...

Who CARES if he's gay?! If he is...great! If not...great! However, I have to agree with what others have said before. I know people who have fought their true sexuality their entire lives. They've had wives and girlfriends and even children before finally finding the courage to come out of the closet.
This is not to say that Routh is in the closet. Heck, here's a thought. Maybe he's bisexual. Anybody think of that?
He has a girlfriend to whom he is commited but has been witnessed performing sex acts with a man and is close with an openly gay man. Sounds bi to me. But then, I AM a married bi mom of 2.
In the end what it really comes down to is this: IT DOESN'T FREAKIN MATTER!
What does matter is that I saw a bit of my youth on that screen last night. I saw the original Superman when it first came out. I remember everything Christopher Reeve and his faithful wife went though. It was like seeing Chris whole and well on the screen again. Brandon did an AMAZING job filling Christopher's boots. I can't commend his performance enough. Good Job Brandon!

8:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Clooney once said he played Batman "gay", in Batman and Robin. A gay friend of mine said Batman and Robin was a favorite in the gay community so much so that he called it gay Batman theater. I really like Superman Returns. Honestly I think the box office returns are too soft to have to worry about another Superman flick. Thats heartbreaking since I was 16 when I last went to the theater to see a Superman movie. Im now on my way to 40. All I know is gay or straight... whatever ...who cares? I just know that Brandons stint as the man of steel will be so short it wont matter anyhow.

12:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I do not think that he is gay, and even if he is, I do not care. He is talented, cute and he looks like a very nice man. All of you who are starting rumors are jalous of him. It is always like that for new actors who are cute and play in a big movie. You should not believe everything you read in the magazines or on the net. It is very easy to start a rumor, in fact I could do it myself. You should leave him be. I will only believe it when I see and heard him say it. Videos and pictures could be triked. He is perfect for the role. So you need to shut the hell up with all that shit.

2:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

brandon routh is not gay...........ummmmmm if he was gay he wouldn't have a girl friend duh.........if you think he is gay your crazy he doesn't even act gay he's just realy cute

11:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, who cares? He's still SO pretty and hunky. Not like any of you will get a shot to be with him, gay or not. Secondly, I love everyone who says "he can't be gay, he's had a girlfriend for 2 years"... Uhm.. Can you say Rock Hudson? Doesn't prove a thing.

OH I know! He's bi-sexual! Now we can ALL get a piece of him.

10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya - this whole conversation hurts my brain. First, I thoroughly enjoyed the Superman Returns movie and Brandon's performance. Unfortunately, this kind of fame brings with it rumours and stories...and like many people on this post - if he is not or is homosexual - who cares? He did a very good job and I wish him success in the future. Bravo Brandon! Who are we to judge him? We don't know him...let's lay off and just be happy for him and his family and proud I would be? Bi - ya - I hear ya - that way at least we could all enjoy him. Personally, I do not believe him to be gay. If he is gay, I trust he would be open about it at this point - whether there is the movie or not. And so what if the gay community enjoys Brandon - go for it - he is a sexy and hot man! They can enjoy the hot photos just as us heterosexual women love him. That is for sure. I think all these stories and rumours arise from the whole "Superman is now gay" rumour - so automatically the actor is, too. Way to put 2 and 2 together people (roll of eyes).

6:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know "for a fact" that Brandon Routh isn't gay? Have you personally slept with him? And you know as well as the next person that there isn't anything shameful about being gay or straight. How does anyone know everything about any one person, unless you've spent 24 hours a day with them, every day of their lives since they were born. They could be bisexual. Only Brandon knows what his true sexuality is when he looks at himself in the mirror or when he lays his head on his pillow at night and is alone with his own thoughts and heart (I would also include his romantic partners as being among those in the know). People just hate it when their idols and icons don't live up to their expectations and preconceived notions about them. People will go to great and ridiculous lengths to plead their case and defend them against what: that someone might be different? God forbid that ANYONE should be gay. Just live and let live. Does this break your heart that this could be possible in the scheme of human life and sexuality on this planet? And how is it if someone is gay it is "besmirching their well-merited name"? Does this destroy your respect for them? Does this possibilty make them any less brilliant and talented? Does this make them any less human? Does this break your heart because you have fantasies about romantic encounters with them? And when I say "you" I mean anyone. Some very great and wonderful human beings that have lived and and are living have made this world a better place, and I for one am grateful for them. Who cares if they're gay or straight anyway? It's their business. There are more important things to deal with in the short time we're given on this planet. Sheesh.

P.S. Spaghetti's straight too----
until it hits hot water.

12:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats the point? I mean why would Routh have to lie about his own sexuality to cover up and protect his reputation. Fifty years ago I could see him lying about it because it was something that was not accepted openly in society. However, unless you have been in hibernation the last 50 years or so society has changed dramatically. People come out every second of the day and furthermore nobody would give a rats behind if he was gay or straight. So with that in mind I give zero credibility to this rumour. Next......

8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its really sad that some people think its important to "claim" an actor as a certain sexuality, just so they feel like he then belongs to their community!
I am a "straight" woman and I think Brandon is gorgeous, but I'm attracted to some gay actors and don't think any less of their performances or credibility if they play straight roles, or otherwise.
What really gets me is how visciously some of you are claiming he has to be gay. Why, can't you bear it for a good looking actor, who may be very comfortable hanging out in the gay community, to be straight, meaning you won't be getting a piece of him? Like someone said earlier, none of us ever has a chance of meeting the guy, gay or straight, so why would it make you feel better hoping he's gay?
The same goes for people angry at the thought that he could be gay. If he is, why is that hurting you?
What the hell does it matter either way?
I loved the movie, thought it was great and was really moved by Brandon's performance. He did Chris Reeve justice while putting his own stamp on the role.
Bigger things are happening in this world people! I'm not naive but I cant wait for a time when people can shut the hell up about a persons sexuality because it doesnt matter any more!

3:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon Routh was great in Superman. Me being a superman fan of Superman for over 10 years now are very surprised they got such a talented actor. If Brandon Routh has chosen to be homosexual let him be. I personally don't think that hes "gay". Im sick and tired of talking down on people just because he made a good movie great in fact, Just because they dont have a life.

5:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is a faggot, he gives off that gay vibe in his interviews. That fucking homo.

4:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never much cared about an actor's orientation. If an actor is talented, he's talented. And Brandon IS Superman. Fantastic work in this movie. And not an easy thing to do. He nailed it.

The only reason I'm here looking is because I'm a ridiculous art-fag (classically trained rock musician, to be precise) who has sincerely never felt any kind of romantic/sexual/ga-ga connection to an actor. I'm having dreams about this guy.

Maybe it's just my Christian upbringing and deep down, I've always wanted to marry Jesus, and dear GOD, is Jesus a cutie in this one. But I mean there's something about him. It's irritating. I'm loathe to confess my age, but I'm a couple years older than Brandon.

I was just looking at his IMDB and he and his girlfrient made a (much-praised) short film together. She's real. I mean, perhaps even as real as Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes. But bygones.

Here's where I'm going to sound like a real nut-job. But before I go off the deep end, I'd like to arrogantly preface (and put myself in the quasi-"smarter" category with this group) that the only people capable of putting a comprehensible sentence together on this board are the ones offering interesting tidbits (maybe facts?) that seem to point to Brandon being interested the boys.

So here's my off-the-deep-end comment, which I totally cop to, because I am a vegetarian, yoga-practicing, meditating new-age fruitcake... but I am intuitive and the things I pick up on strongly, when it happens, come to pass. And I feel connected to him. Not in merely in some Teen Beat, queer-starstruck-art-fag way, but connected. Having dreams like I had about some of my best friends before I met them, feelings about things to come that did come to pass- - before they happened. I feel connected to this guy. And because I know I sound so totally off my rocker (to myself included), this will remain anonymous. But I started looking to see if the rumors that he leaned my direction sexually were there. And that's probably dumb, because you can probably find them about anyone. And maybe I'm trying to dress up some weird latent adolescent crush-response to a movie star as spiritual...but I don't think so. So for what little some strange anonymous guy's post is worth...I think I'm destined to be with this guy.

Yep, call the guys with the white coats, I know...

6:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey All, Just a couple of points.
1) Why does it HAVE TO be either gay or straight? Howe about bi or sampling?
2) Two years with a GF don't mean squat. A friend/co-worker of mine had been with his chick for 'umteen' years. On a dare/joke I went 'all-out' on him trying to 'get' him. I did. He is now happily 'married' to his guy, not me :-(.
3) Facts and/or associations ALSO don't mean squat.

11:27 PM

Anonymous BROUTHIAN said...


2:52 AM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

You guys realise he's in a long term and serious realtionship with courtney ford, right. You also realise he's commented in numerous interviews about his sexuality and how he's not gay, right? Also, he thinks people who think he is gay are funny and that at least he's a talking point. You said something very starnge though, that i found very offensive, just because he plays gay parts means he's gay? WTF? I've play to lesbian parts in drama - it's called acting you know, my dear! Just cos i've played being a lesbian... does that make me gay? I think not! And babe, what you're doing is bullying so get your facts sorted before you do something like this next time! oh, and hi Brouthian!

3:23 AM

Anonymous BROUTHIAN said...

all of us in are mad about your post.. and hi too pirate fran!

3:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not everyone at is mad about this post. Brouthian, grow up and stop speaking for the entire site.

8:21 AM

Blogger S.S.S. said...

awesome write up. We've been following Brandon's alleged "gayness" over at our blog ( for a few months now, and the evidence seemingly mounts by the day.

7:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:58 PM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

to the guy who said this:

"Not everyone at is mad about this post. Brouthian, grow up and stop speaking for the entire site."

^dude, she was just defending the man she loves :p. Don't tell her to grow up cos she's only one year older than me and i find that offensive... so get over yourself - we happen to be kids! and if you don't find false rumours a bit upsetting (not that i'm homophobic - i just find it sad that people donb't have a life in this world and need to get on instead of wasting their time on making pathertic sites like this) then you're not a true fan!

1:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well excuse me then "Pirate-Supergirl-Fran", next time I'll ignore the fact that some little girl is calling for a "War" just because there is speculation about her CRUSH's sexuality. Trying to claim that she has a whole site backing up her ideas is even more childish, considering most of the poster aren't up in arms like she is (mainly because they all are level headed, smart, mature, adult posters) Sigh,Immaturity at its finest.

2:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of gay posters including this site's webmaster are clearly insecure about being gay and need to slander straight actors like Brandon Routh to ease their inner torment and guilt.

6:52 PM

Anonymous Brouthian said...

To the guy or GAY either who said this:

"Well excuse me then "Pirate-Supergirl-Fran", next time I'll ignore the fact that some little girl is calling for a "War" just because there is speculation about her CRUSH's sexuality. Trying to claim that she has a whole site backing up her ideas is even more childish, considering most of the poster aren't up in arms like she is (mainly because they all are level headed, smart, mature, adult posters) Sigh,Immaturity at its finest."

Your just proving yourself that you are a coward, an insanely isolated person, JEALOUS about brandon's success.. and uneducated person.. our idol is being sabotage by him! so what do you think our reaction or feeling with it??? were not cyborg or stupid robots to feel nothing about it.. c'mon..

Pirate supergirl fran thanks there.. ^^,

1:01 AM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

((that's ok Brouthian - thanks to you too!))

Well ECSUSE ME! but WTF are you on?

"mainly because they all are level headed, smart, mature, [b]adult[/b]

I am Samrt
I am Mature
I am level headed
But I am not an adult! Is this a prejudice against children? Why do you think that you have to be an adult to have sensible opinions? are our's just ruled out because we haven't turned 18 yet? Well, i'm sure - infact positive that i have at least double your naive intellectual capacity and i know Brouthian does too. So please, keep personal prejudices TO YOURSELF! Why do i constyantly feel like i'm battling adults who think they're better than me in this world?

3:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find that it is funny everyone getting so heated about this topic.. The person who wrote this blog probably has a small dick and is trying to make himself feel better by slandering a beautiful man who obviously is much better endowed than he.... can we say... PENIS ENVY !!!

4:18 AM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

*snorts with laughter* you are so right^

7:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am Samrt"

^yes . . . you are very "Samrt" lmao

"I am Mature"

^ really? I didn't know mature people bash blogs and call for holy wars . . .

"I am level headed"


But I am not an adult! Is this a prejudice against children? Why do you think that you have to be an adult to have sensible opinions? are our's just ruled out because we haven't turned 18 yet? Well, i'm sure - infact positive that i have at least double your naive intellectual capacity and i know Brouthian does too. So please, keep personal prejudices TO YOURSELF! Why do i constyantly feel like i'm battling adults who think they're better than me in this world?"

^ Because adults are far more mature than children. You two are living proof of it lol You two are on your own personal war because of a BLOG! That is silly, childish, and very immature pirate...go ahead and gather your immature team, all of them combined could not match my logic.

2:31 PM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

yeah, you keep thinking that, little man! if it keeps you happy then,keep thinking it! and dude, haven't you ever heard of silly little things like TYPOS! And actually, i am smart, so don't tell me i'm not when you don't even know me. And yeah, we're willing to start a war! Bring it on! oh and btw, what your user name on br.c forums? Who said adults are more mature - have you seen george bush? you're just out numbered and really need to get some sort of life!

5:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outnumbered? Two children v.s. one adult? yeah i'm outnumbered. Yes GB is smarter than both of you combined ;) All your comments are pointless and serve no purpose. Who am I at brc? The real question is: Who am I on THE PLANET? I don't limit myself to just one fan sub forum.

8:05 PM

Anonymous Pirate-Supergirl-Fran said...

"Outnumbered? Two children v.s. one adult? yeah i'm outnumbered. Yes GB is smarter than both of you combined ;) All your comments are pointless and serve no purpose. Who am I at brc? The real question is: Who am I on THE PLANET? I don't limit myself to just one fan sub forum."

Yes, outnumbered! in case you don't realise, there's two of us and ONE of you - and we're fan girls so we're much more vicious. Who the hell is GB? and no, they're obviously NOT pointless because they express our opinions, which are very important. and fine, "the planet", whatever. I DO limit myself to one sub forum because, really and honestly, my friends would think i was a geek (and so would i) if i talked about Superman, Batman, ect. all day long! Deal with it and get over it. Anyway - you dodged my question, what is your user name on the planet? And can i just ask - why aren't you sticking up for Brandon?

3:31 AM

Anonymous brouthian said...

Fran dont mind his stupidity... if im not mistaken he is an outcast.. he dont have a idol to look up to.. if he does maybe he didnt love his idol.. dont do to others if you do not want do unto you! an insane isolated person.. yeah your outnumbered were 1000000000000 brandon fans vs 1 who insults our idol.. your like fighting a big wall... so get back to your mommy's skirt hide there until the world ends.. stupid!

3:30 AM

Anonymous Brandon Routh said...

Alright... alright....
I am Brandon Rotuh.... and Yess... I AM GAY.

8:37 PM

Anonymous brouthian said...

STUPID! gay err?? they are engaged! and your telling me that he is GAY??? STUPID!

6:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG if the guy let Singer blow him for a million dollar part in a franchise like this then it doesn't make him gay. It makes him a smart businessman. lol

1:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all those who keep on using "he has a girlfriend" as defense for him or some other male actors or persons not "gay" or at least "bisexual", well, think about this, there are so many men afraid to come out the closet that they'll use girls as props to show their "manliness" and hinde their true's not wrong to have a sexual orientation...when will this people get that? What's worse is hiding your true self your whole's like lying to others, especially yourself.

And about Bryan Routh and other stars like Zac Efron etc., know what, I think definitely, my gaydar is ringing a weak "gay" vibe but a strong "bisexual" vibe...



11:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't we all love him to be gay? Hehehe..

1:15 PM

Blogger /iambrew said...

Wouldn't we all love him to be gay? Hehehe..

1:16 PM

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FIRST OFF... GAY or NOT, it does matter because it questions the integrity of him as an Actor and Brian as a Director. So many people who are in the industry both on camera and off camera and who are more talented work hard and pay there dues. Secondly I met his sister at the time he was given the part and well before any of these accusations arose, she had told me that was how he received the part. She said it so nonchalantly! IT WAS FACT

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