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Monday, December 05, 2005

Odds and Ends

In "Bloggers Also Tell Me I'm a B*tch News":
I made the early round of nominations for nominations for Gridskipper's Urbs Awards. I was initially nominated to be nominated for World's Hottest Urban Blogger, Best LA Blog, and World's Best Urban Blog. I ended in up with nominations in nothing. Jack squat. Despite marshaling my limited forces, I was totally shut out. However, since great bloggers like Tiffany, Peggy and John didn't get noms, I don't feel too left out. So consider this my official concession speech:

Screw off, jerks, I didn't like you anyway.

In related news, I would like to make an official endorsement in the aforementioned, poopyfaced awards.


Dude.Man.Phat for Most Inane Blog Post. Sorry, Megan, but he needs it more. Just click on VOTE THE PHAT to read how excited he got.

Read his official entry, "Gangs of Souplantation (a true story)" by clicking here.

In other news, Heidi Fleiss ensure that I'll be able to get work even if my current job dries up.
Potential hooker material?

makes a desperate gamble! No, it's not to avoid Desperate Housewives, it's to avoid being blamed for Zucker's problems, and switches "My Name Is Earl" and its lower-rated companion "The Office" to Thursday, simultaneously avoiding Fox's American Idol juggernaut and (cross-fingers-and-pray-and-sacrifice-a-goat) re-invigorating NBC's "Must See" Thursdays. Here's to hoping Kevin Reilly restores some NBC lustre with the move, just cuz I don't want you to go down for Zucker's mistakes, man.

As any good tv exec would do, (in the guise of ) has initiated a move against NBC's most valuable remaining assets, swooping in like a media-raiding vulture to pilfer what fat assets might still be worthy of his attention. If you want to know all about the latest foul plot that has been hatched against NBC-- this time by none other than the wickedly-awesome-devious Les Moonves of CBS--check out this NewsDrunk post I wrote by clicking here.

In a final note, I've made a hot blogger connection with the Industry Whore. Really, it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?


Blogger justin said...

I get excited when the Thai delivery place leaves me an extra fortune cookie. But this is at least twice as good.

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Industry Whore is funnier than you.

9:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get nominated, Atlas. I voted for you. -"f"

10:09 PM


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