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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Atlas Likely To Hit Syndication

In today's top story, the blog you are reading will likely continue into the future. Assistant/Atlas will be back with a fourth season- since the last episode of the third season was officially 3.50. Of course, the whole episode structure is completely artificial (in both my blog and tv itself) so whatevs. Also, sorry about the non-postage lately, but I should be clear of my major deadlines very, very soon. Then I can become as regular as a Colon Blow eater.

Apparently, you guys like me, you really like me. Check out (the Gawker-owned travel blog) where yours truly is currently in the running in that site's "Urbs Awards" to be at least nominated for several awards. And wait til you hear what they are.

I'm in the running in the following categories:
Best Los Angeles Blog
Best Urban Blog
and...this is the kicker...
"World's Hottest Urban Blogger"
FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not now, nor have I ever been, Chad Michael Murray.

No seriously, guys, WTF? I'm anonymous-- doesn't "Hottest" refer to physical attractiveness? Or is hottest a synonym for trendiest? In which case, oh.

So if you're new to Assistant/Atlas and want to learn what I'm all about, or doubt that I've suffered enough for my blogging art to be nominated for an Urb, please read these posts in order to find out the bare bones version of my story.

Pilot Blog 1.01
Characters of the Blogworld 1.14
The Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest
Collected Sloane Comments 1.49
What's the New Age Limit? 2.14
Confessions of a Disloyal Assistant 2.28
How Blogging Saved My Career 2.39
Suck It, Sloane, I Have Testimonials! 2.40 (Wherein other people comment on how much they like me, they really like me, too.)
My Mom and Alias News
How Not to Screw Up "Entourage" 2.49
Desperate Housewives Vs. My Budding Alcoholism
The Assistant Paths 3.11
New Mission Statement 3.20
How To: Make PR People Your B*tch 3.28
Note to Bob Iger: Chillax, Man 3.38
Why No, Whoreface, I'm Not An Actor 3.44

Yes, I am willing to take off Chad Michael Murray's clothes to win. In all seriousness, I just wanted to be NOMINATED for Best Los Angeles Blog. And I do think it would be hilarious if I got a nod for Hottest Blogger, too. Just for kicks. But we all know I'm not the Best Urban blog overall. At least, I wouldn't vote for me in that category.
(or just send email to about the Urbs to vote for me)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I voted for you for hot blogger because I thought it was funny that an anonymous blogger could get nominated. Glad to see you're stoked about it.

10:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're not so conceited as to think you're the Best Urban Blogger. For that reason, I might actually vote for you as Hottest Urban Blogger. Angelenos who aren't completely egotastic are hot.

1:52 PM

Anonymous downlowlita said...

Atlas really is hot. He may not look like Chad Michael Murray (I'd say a slightly-blonder Hayden Christensen, personally) but he's worthy of the Hottest Blogger title. Althought Gridskipper really should've done Hottest Male Blogger and Hottest Female Blogger. Because you're definitely not the hottest of both sexes. Just saying, man.

2:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realize, Atlas, that one of the major reasons I read your blog is all the hot pictures of Chad Michael. Just thought you should know to keep it up.

9:26 PM

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