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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Award Season Continues!

Whee! Happy! In this award show, the theme music's playing for me, baby. That's right, your very own Atlas just found out he's been nominated in the second annual "The Best of Blogs" Contest. And guess what I got nominated for? That's right, kids, SNARKIEST BLOGGER.

Now, remember, this is completely different from the Bloggies, which are apparently the granddaddy of the Blog Awards. The finalists in that contest will be announced soon.

Just to prove that I am the snarkiest blogger, I will now say something undeservedly mean about everyone involved:

trancejen: Have some more pills, pillhead.
I don't like you that way: There's a reason you never get laid. It's probably because you're ugly.
tales of a post-grad nothing: Um, are you a guy or a girl? No seriously.
conversations with famous people: Since when is loopy delusion snarky?
snark Great name. Was taken?
hot johnny and all of his pants: Hot Johnny? Isn't that like a Hot Carl?
beauty and the beer: I went there and saw neither beauty nor beer. Effing ripoff.
b*tch on the street: This would be interesting only if you were an actual hooker.
persiflage: Persiflage gets points for the name. And that's it.

But seriously, I'm honored. A lot of these bloggers are completely awesome, and please dear God let them have good senses of humor. I guess they'd have to in order to be snarky. Anyhoo, more snark coming tomorrow!

UPDATE: Currently getting my behind smacked. Please, vote here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on- congrats, man. I always knew someday someone would recognize you for being a huge biyotch. Love, K

8:05 AM

Blogger Laurie said...

Wow! Thanks for the slap on the ass! Mama like!! Good luck!

2:32 PM

Blogger Janet said...

If you can dish snark you should be able to take it, right?

Congrats on your nom!

5:29 PM


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