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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Googling Yourself Is Passe, Image Yourself: 4.09

By now, we all have grown to love ourselves, our friends, family, song lyrics, random things we heard a homeless guy mutter. And if Googling sounds a little dirty to you, well frankly, it does to me, too. But in a good, Xtina-in-that-Drrrty-video-skirt way. But I've gotten over it and I digress.

The hot new fun, free thing to do with technology is "Image-ing", or "Image Googling" or "Google Imaging" or I dunno. There might be room for better terminology in this arena. Anyway, just plug in your name, your family name, your state, your favorite word, whatever the heck you want to see. It's more fun You'll find obscure pictures of yourself, perhaps. But mostly it's just fun to see what Google links together for certain searches. So I Google Imaged myself.

Now, I know most of you probably stay awake at night wondering "Who is Assistant Atlas? I wonder what looks like? Does he look like Chad Michael Murray at all?" According to Google Image Search, 202 pictures match the search Assistant Atlas-- actually, I take that back. There were on my first pass at this post two days ago. Now that I'm posting it there are 224. Interesting. Some pictures in this search are ones I've hotlinked on these pages, but many of them aren't. And most of the ones that aren't are simply hilarious.

Here are just some my faves:

Could Atlas be this guy?

Hott with the infamous double-t for these ladies. But could one of them be Atlas?
Definitely Stoner Atlas.

This chick is from Atlas Television. I really didn't know there was such a thing until just now.

She looks fun...
...for a biochemistry major at the University of Colorado.

Could this be here because of my recent horse tranquilizer experience?

There's also this pretty sweet-looking picture from a page with Atlas listings:

Worst. Play. Ever.

And finally, could Atlas actually be Russian President Vladimir Putin?


Blogger london cokehead said...

How did I ever miss that Ketamine post ??

Evil , Evil drug !!

11:41 AM

Blogger Grubber said...

If you really want to have fun, take the safe search option off:) Adds a whole new dimension to that search feature.

Just be careful how you use it!

Many thanks for the link AA (is that a DaVinci Code hint for us to figure out your true identity?). Shocked and surprised was I! Brightened up my stay with my mother in law I must say! :)

Rupert(nationality jumping) Murdoch can buy me out any day, my price starts at $10, but it only goes up from there.

12:45 AM

Blogger One.Day.Past.Dead said...

I don't know, Assistant Atlas, are you as HOTT as PUTIN? Gotta be close. :) And should I have double "t"'d Putin also? One can never do sure how many t-t's to leave.

7:54 PM

Blogger David said...

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12:45 PM

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