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Friday, April 28, 2006

Unsolicited Career Advice: Brangelina's "Atlas Shrugged": 4.45

It was fun giving Unsolicited Career Advice, so I think I'll do it again for today.

Variety reports that America's Hottest Couple is interested in bringing Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged to the big screen.

It looks like someone in the Brangelina camp is wearing bad idea jeans. While I appreciate anything that might bring more notoriety to my online persona, I just can't support turning Rand's 1000+ page novel into a movie. Why?

Because it would be a friggin' boringass movie.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was popular because Brangelina was shown having sex, shooting guns, and fighting. But what if Brad Pitt had been an architect instead of an assassin (yeah, he might like that- would you?)? And what if they spent 80% of the movie pontificating on boring, if releveant, philosophical issues?

Would you go see that in a theatre? I didn't think so.

Brad models his bad idea jeans in the Himalayan Times.

Sorry, Brangelina, but Atlas Shrugged is a bad idea. As craptastic as it is likely to be, at least Ocean's Thirteen is pretty much a guaranteed hit.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

railroad tycoon, not architect.

either way, it's a BAD idea.

1:42 PM

Blogger Milehimama said...

Actually, Jolie would play the railroad tycoon, John Galt was the supersmart engineer.
I think a nihilistic movie ranting how communism, the unions, socialism, and capitalism all suck is a great idea! Maybe 'cause I live in Denver, and you can't buy the type of publicity this would bring. Always knew Colorado would be the last, best hope for nation, and not just because we make good beer.
I see Robin Williams as the unrequited love interest, Rearden, playing against the straightman Jim Carrey (as Dagny's brother.)
Even better, can we find a role for Gilbert Gottfried? Guaranteed hit.

PS,- former CO Governor Dick Lamm hit the local talk shows yesterday talking up oil from shale. I kid you not.

6:06 PM

Anonymous Neil said...

My favorite weird vanity movie: Bill Murray's "The Razor's Edge."

5:50 AM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Engineer-- that's right. My bad. Of course, I could've been thinking of any of Rand's other books which do inevitably contain an architect/designer/engineer.

And her retarded philosophy.

7:09 PM


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