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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yet Another Reason To Dislike Brett Ratner: 5.28

I know you guys like insider industry gossip. At least, judging by traffic and comments, you do. Which are pretty much the only ways I have to judge.

So since I have gossip, I'll do it blind-item style, since that's what all the kids seem to be into these days...

Hacky Fauxteur has made a career out of doing things kinda good enough. So perhaps it was a surprise when he actually made a fuss about the sound editing on the highly public music video of Pop Slut he directed. After all, wasn't this the guy for whom "Pretty cool" would work in nearly every artistic situation?

Of course, it sounded so damn bad that everyone would, and could, notice. But this time, it was so bad that even Hacky himself could recognize.

So Hacky burst into a tirade on up on an assistant sound editor. Apparently, said editor made the mistake of. . . doing nothing wrong. One of Hacky's producers, perhaps, or stupid Hacky himself, we may never know for sure, messed up. Messed up big time.

You see, you never touch the sound board unless you know what you're doing. And you especially don't touch the master volume switches, so named because they're big and usually friggin' obvious as such.

But someone did, and so the beleaguered assistant sound editor had to keep messing around with the more fine-tuned controls, trying to compensate for it. Until finally, someone discovered what had happened and the master controls were returned to their rightful positions.

So then Hacky proceeds to fire the producer who may have committed the error. But the story doesn't end there, friends. Oh no...

Fired Producer then calls up the postproduction studio where all this has taken place, and tells them to essentially "bill the bastard for everything" from the bottles of water to the Wite-Out. Of course, since Hacky's necessarily big-budget, that's what they should've been doing anyway. But I guess it's nice to know there's extra justice in doing so.

For the record, doing what Fired Producer did-- calling the postpro studio and telling them to nail Hacky for cash--is not a good idea. But I think Fired Producer knew that. It was simply that he hated Hacky so much he just had to get him back any way he could.

The postpro studio was 48 Windows while the Pop Slut is Jessica Simpson. Tinny biyotch. The video, of course, is Simpson's latest. Or something. Once someone starts talking about Jessica Simpson, I tend to immediately not care.

Oh-and you will burn in hell, Brett Ratner. Or at least in the blogosphere. Probably both.