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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tyra Banks Is Scabby: 5.41

And she doesn't care about poor people!

I was already preparing a post on Tyra Banks' scabby antics when a funny little thing showed up in my inbox. From the Gmail account of the Renegade Writers, came a brief missive drawing attention to this post on Defamer about the latest renegade tactics employed by an independent trouble-making faction trying to draw attention to the plight of reality writers. It's nice to see the little guys getting creative when they rumble with the powers that be.

Basically, the poor reality writers, who have the mind-numbing job of creating compelling storylines from uninteresting, dimbulb, ghetto-beauty contestants on America's Next Top Model, are being screwed out of their health benefits thanks to lack of Writer's Guild protection. But instead of recognizing that these people are talented people who deserve health benefits for their kids, the CW execs are getting greedy. After all, ANTM is the CW's biggest hit and its only one that isn't looking particularly shaky (please see: Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, and ALL of the sitcoms)

Seems like it'd be a shame if all of the viewers of this 'reality' show were forced to confront the reality that it's heavily scripted by people behind the cameras asked pointed questions at the right time. People who are people, too, I might remind everyone. People who also happen to be very good at generating publicity.

But then, I realized, maybe no one at the CW has caught on to this fact yet. So I've decided to ape my Renegade friends, and pen this little missive to the CW exec team:

Dear Ms. Ostroff and company,
Please remember that your family isn't more important than a reality writer's family.

And there are fewer talented people who can do a reality writer's job than you probably believe. But don't trust me, Hollywood's anonymous assistant, trust The Economist:

Get smart, my CW friends: don't damage your biggest show with strikebreaking activities that would draw attention to the fact it's scripted.

Yours Truly,

If you'd like to write your own words to Dawn Ostroff, the CW's fabulously greedy Prez, please feel free to email her at the following address:

UPDATE: Dawn's email bounced back, as did John Maata's (see below). It looks like this little tactic at least got them to switch email addresses, if nothing else. However, all other email addresses still seem operational.

Hey, while you're at it, feel free to email any or all of these CW executives and let 'em know how you feel:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Oh, and by the way-- they all need Viagra and love helping Nigerian businessmen.

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Blogger Peggy Archer said...

Related question - how likely do you think it is that there's going to be a WGA strike?

11:32 AM

Anonymous glamglab said...

As a freelance writer struggling to float healthcare on sporadic income, I find it shocking that CW would hit staff writers below the belt by depriving them of much-needed job benefits.
Screw Tyra and her pathetic self-indulgence she trys to disguise as generosity.
The only CW show I watch is Veronica Mars, I sure as hell hope it dosen't get cancelled. JCS

1:13 PM

Anonymous Helen said...

I think this is crap, Tyra Banks is a great person, she's not all 'plastic' and totally in love with herself.Thats what makes her real! She has personality and beauty at the same time thats what you lot are probably jealous about. So just lay off and give the girl a chance!

9:37 AM

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