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Monday, May 23, 2005

Executive of the Week [#7]

If you're looking for info on the "Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest", you'll find it a couple of posts down. If you want to play "The Whisper Price Game", you'll find it below, as well. Thanks for visiting Assistant/Atlas, you many [thousands] of new people.

For those of you not familiar with the Assistant/Atlas Executive of the Week, it's a feature I unveiled to combat some of the negativity in the biz by honoring the unsung people who have retained a shred of decency and humanity while working in the Tinseltown system.

It seems like I've talked to half of the assistants in the industry [but just a handful of their bosses] this week, thanks to Sloane's problems with the answering machine. Still, I was somewhat at a loss for the Executive of the Week, as no one has really stood out in my mind this week. And then it hit me-- the new Assistant/Atlas Executive of the Week is. . .

Lucy Mukerjee, Director of Development at Lighthouse Productions.

I've not met Lucy personally, but I have spoken with her on the phone many times. In fact, when I was just starting as Sloane's assistant, I believe it was Lucy who bore the brunt of the first Sloane tirade I'd ever seen [You haven't read it yet? That's absolutely un-Fu***n-believable!!!]. It was the tirade that made me realize I was in serious trouble working for this guy. Having listened to the tirade, I spent the next several days debating whether to call her and apologize for Sloane. Ultimately, I didn't, being new and not knowing whether that was done or not [it isn't, but it should be].

But what did Lucy do? She took it like a woman. Next time I talked to her, she was as pleasant and nice as ever. Plus, she's got that lovely Brit accent that just drives me wild. So Lucy Mukerjee, I salute you. You've got the spine to handle Sloane and the class to treat his assistant like a person. Your accolades are well-deserved and I hope you having a long career of bringing your light to the dark, dark world of film development.


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Why must all assistant ads read "Must have thick skin." I hate that!! I don't have a thick skin but I can biyatch people out behind their backs with the best of them!
-posted by Erin, reposted clean by Atlas

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Finally getting her name in lights where it belongs. Knowing Lucy personally has made my life so much more meaningful and clear than when she hadn't graced me with her own Lighthouse. She currently serves as my own personal movie reviewer, real estate agent, craigslist furniture personal shopper, chef, picnic planner, layered clothes packer for cold nights at the hollywood cemetery, career advisor, lunch decision maker when my blood sugar is too low to decide between chicken on whole wheat or egg salad on whole grain, social organizer, boyfriend finder, movie snacks provider, stylist, lifesaver by prohibiting me from talking on my cell phone while driving (that one is still being debated--though secretly I know she's right)AND she's stunning. I mean, absolutely jaw-dropping stunning. And yes, her lovely accent is both musical and sweet. I vote for Lucy as Everywoman of the Year.

1:40 PM

Anonymous Lucy said...

Ummm...what can I say? I think I'll just take a bow, and run away and hide! ;)

1:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Lucy is truly beautiful, I bet she's even more beautiful now.. I don't know if you'll ever get this or ever get in touch, but i've got engaged and really wanted you to be at my wedding can't explain why... anyway I googled your name and got a link to this its a long long long shot but if you still remember me, please get in touch.. you can e-mail me at
I'm really happy you followed your dream and realised it...
it was inevitable the world was always yours...


2:12 PM

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