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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Whisper Price Game: Celebrity Siblings Edition

But before I go on a well-deserved vacation, I present you with the latest installment of the Whisper Price Game. I gotta give you all something to tide you over in my absence, right? This time, it's the prices of the siblings of more famous celebrities.

After all, if you're the sibling of someone who is very famous, you should at least be a little famous, right? Well, that's the theory, at least, behind today's Whisper Price Game. The other theory is that these people are some of the easiest targets in the world. So have at them, you naughty monkeys.

First up is Ashlee Simpson, sister of the famed Jessica and sister-in-law of the less famed Nick Lachey. If it wasn't obvious before her SNL lipsync snafu that she was a no-talent a$$clown, maybe her getting booed at the Orange Bowl would convince you. Or maybe just watching her.

Of the siblings on the list, Casey Affleck has probably done the most to make his own career separate from that of his superstar big bro--well, except for that the fact that they've appeared in a bunch of movies together. Casey also seems to groove on the indie fare his brother once favored (Ocean's 11 & 12 are the exceptions) so maybe he'll avoid becoming a Bennifer-- or Caseyifer as the case may be.

Can you believe this wholesome-looking girl is the sister of the biggest white trash superstar since Kid Rock? (but without Kid's refreshing ironic tinge) Of the people on the list, this 14-year-old is arguably the most talented (Casey Affleck fans will surely object to that), having done kiddie sketch comedy on Nickelodeon's "All That", plus helmed her own series, "Zoey 101" that is now among the channel's most popular. And maybe, just maybe, she'll learn from her sister's mistakes and not marry a back-up dancer.

Of all the celeb sibs on the list, I think I hate Haylie Duff the most. Not only is she not talented, but she's also ugly (this is by far the prettiest picture of her I could Google). Additionally, Hilary Duff's very existence has always just irked me, so perhaps it was inevitable that she'd draw my ire. But the fact that I might have to deal with two Duffs is just two Duffs too many.

The Olsens make the list only because they seem to draw a sort of weird power from one another as siblings. But unlike most of the people on the list, they built their own starpower (and billion-dollar empire), so they've got that going for them. Still, isn't there something just a little creepy about them? Maybe that's just me. . .

I feel like I'm forgetting other siblings, but that should be enough material for you at the moment. Comment away, kiddies, don't miss me too much while I'm gone, and remember that I shall return on July 4th.


Blogger Grace said...

Haylie Duff's whisper price is 5 dollars and that is overpaying her.

2:16 PM

Blogger just another fish in the sea said...

what about britney spears?

12:54 AM

Blogger LeeLoreya said...

the hiltons haha...liv tyler's sis is a plus size model...roman+sofia coppola? nah....dunno

are the olsens gonna be stuck together like bloody siamese twins until they die?that's the creepy thing, imagine them age 45, still holding each other's hands when the attend premieres, still doing crappy sister movies in which they get married together, divorced together, Botoxed together, incinerated together.

6:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haylie Duff is so manly looking

4:38 PM

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