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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sarah Silverman, I Give In

Credit her darn publicists with sending me hot photos, my friends for chattering constantly about her, and my past experiences with her stand-up, I like me some . that is.

She has a movie, Jesus Is Magic. I admit I haven't seen it yet, but the true twenty-something buzz is it's outrageously hilarious. So go see it.

This is so hot.
Seriously, HOT. And funny. Mostly though, it's hot.

Why are you married to Jimmy Kimmel? You don't need him anymore. Okay, maybe a little, but seriously, think about the publicity that a bitter, angry divorce could generate. Hell, even a believably fake one-- I'm betting it might be enough to make you very close to A-List, Sarah. It'd certainly put you on the short-list for entry. Jimmy's peaked sweetheart, come to Atlas. Come to Atlas. Okay, even I know that's starting to be weird.

But seriously-- semi-perma-celebrity and my undying love. That's reason enough for a bitter, angry divorce, right?

In mildly related news, (hint: you'll have to keep reading to see how it's related) here is the official Assistant/Atlas review of "The Colbert Report":
It's pretty good.
Anyone who thinks "The Word" isn't funny has a poor sense of humor. Frankly, Stephen Colbert has gotten smoother as the show has gone on. And as a fake news anchor, he's seriously Barry White territory.
And that's smooth.
But , please, take my advice. Get a . Personally, I'd recommend Sarah Silverman. No, seriously. Just let her come on the show and deliver Lewis Black-like editorials every once in awhile. It'd be awesome and it'd give you a few minutes off from your hosting duties. A thirty-minute tv show is a lot to carry by yourself, Stevey-poo, so get some on-air help. It won't take away from your endearingly-pugnacious mug.

Word 'em up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call, Atlas. Colbert could use a Lewis Black-like occasional sidekick. And Sarah Silverman wouldn't be a bad choice. Actually, just as long as it's not Adam Carolla, I'll be happy.

4:21 PM

Blogger writebrother said...

I think Colbert can hold it down on his own. He's kicking ass. I actually find myself laughing more during his show more than during The Daily Show.

I'm not into Sarah Silverman at all, and it baffles me how some people find her hot. Halfway, semi possibly attractive? Maybe. But hot? Nah. She has a good publicist though because her ass is everywhere. Not working on me though. She's going with Kimmel though so if you have game she can probably be had.

11:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She and Jimmy Kimmell are not married. She still has her own house and everything- Rolling Stone mag has an interview with her's an interesting story

5:41 PM

Blogger FreeThinker said...

I saw "Jesus Is Magic," and I'm not sure it was OK to laugh!

But I laughed anyway.

Here's my post on the movie.

4:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Word" is funnier than any single segment on "The Daily Show". It's seriously can't-stop-laughing-if-I-tried funny. I wouldn't mind a Sarah Silverman segment every once and again, though.

12:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh, the whole idea behind the Colbert Report is to parody single, Egomaniacal showboats like O'Reilly (I doubt that's spelt correctly, sorry) who build their shows totally around themselves. I think if he had a sidekick, even one as surprising and humorous as Silverman, it would really change the whole essence of the show, and maybe make it less funny by detracting from its laser-like focus on some of our society's most obnoxious monomaniacs.

11:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Silverman is not smart enough to be on the Colbert Report. Leave good enough alone.

11:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's just another potty mouthed Jewish slut. Whats new? Nothing.

5:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sarah silverman is awesome not a potty mouth jewish slut you fucking peasant. i fucking hate people. anyway why the fuck would you say she shouldn't be married to jimmy kimmel, he's the man. and she's the woman. they belong together.

11:15 PM

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Blogger Matthew K. said...

Sarah rocked my world since I saw her in Jesus is magic... I must admit she has the prettiest vagina I have seen in my life... I don't need to buy viagra since I saw her in that movie... I just need to think about her.

7:25 AM

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