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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Links for Saturday

So I was doing a bit of surfing this morning (because, for once, I don't have to work this weekend) and saw this pretty fair and balanced review of. . .well, reviews on The Boondocks pilot on Adult Swim.

It's over on BlackHacker, located at the easily-memorable address, so, check out the direct link here.

By the way, since my GoogleAds apparently think my blog is about addiction, let's check in on the Diary of a London Cokehead. (by the by, Google, this is why I'm switching to BlogAds)

Also, I notice they didn't stereotype BlackHacker with derogatory ads--OH NO, they had to stereotype the Hollywood assistant kid as the cocaine user. Oh. Nevermind.

Guess what? Diary of a London Cokehead is living proof that bloggers often become better writers if they keep at it.
Check out his latest post by clicking here.

Now compare that to this older post by clicking here.

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Anonymous Enrique said...

I had the same prob with GoogleAds, I made one post about Lindsay Lohan being thin and Google decided to give me an ad for Hilary Duff's CD for like 3 months. So I just took it down.

4:04 PM

Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks for the kind comments AA . As a writer of music and not words I thank you for putting up with the probably shocking grammer and layout of earlier posts but I guess the more you do the more you see ..

Or as my English teacher once said " pratice makes perfect young boy " Yeah , well thanks for teaching me sod all mate !!

7:26 PM

Anonymous BH said...

Thanks for the link

7:49 AM


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