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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Just Did Some of the Best Writing of My Life

Holy crap. It was like I was after a benzedrine break. Crazy, man. Seriously. I think I might actually be a really good writer.

No, no, I'm not talking about that last missive, which was unnecessarily dismissive of Siegenthaler's contributions to journalism. And Tennessee. And stuff. Still, the sentiment stands and that's all I'm saying on that for now.

I want everyone to know that despite my 60-70-hour workweeks, and my 10-20 hours of weekly blogging(looking up this stuff on IMDB takes awhile), that I am spending a little energy working to make Hollywood have better available material. Yes, that's a noble assessment of my writing, but it sure felt like I was making that happen tonight.

Look, I usually know when I write crap and when I don't. That's not too hard to know. What I can't seem to figure out is if you, my readers, will enjoy any particular post. For example, I thought you'd get a kick of the roomie, but you didn't.
Please be gentle. Please.
I know that Siegenthaler's fans include hackers. Please don't spoil my assistant superhero powers for this barely-read and hardly-linked post. Please. I'm not ready and I think we can all tell it was, yes, quite harsh. Still, I think the harshness conveyed a certain passion and is forgiveable considering that I have never, at any time, told people to take me seriously. Except maybe for during the Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes you that much time every week to do this? Because I would've thought much less.

11:04 PM


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