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Monday, January 23, 2006

Did I Just Get Promoted? 4.17

The conversation went something like this*:
*details have been fudged to protect identities

Supervisor Sally: Did you hear that Awesome Amy is leaving?
Atlas: Yeah, it really sucks. Awesome Amy is awesome, but that new thing she's doing sounds amazing.
Supervisor Sally: So she's leaving this week, and her position is proving to be pretty difficult to fill on such sort notice. How would you feel about moving into her position while you and I train someone to do your job? I think it would be much easier to find someone who can jump right into your job than Awesome Amy's. Don't you agree?
Atlas: Um. . . sure?
Supervisor Sally: Great! I'll talk to Boss Lady about getting your pay bumped up.
She exits.
Atlas: [shocked silence]

So just so everybody knows, I may be a bit busy in the next few weeks.

In news, I totally called that Chloe's new boyfriend was the spy inside CTU just as soon as evil advisor Walt and crazy European Max Headroom guy discussed his existence. Famke will back me up on this one.

Spencer's "SD-6 defense" I did not foresee, though. I guess I should've guessed, but hey, one flash of insight per night is plenty. Speaking of SD-6, I'd like to take this opportunity to once again tell Sloane, "Screw you, old man, my career's doing just fine, thankyouverymuch." Ahh, so nice to exorcise some of the ole demons.

Totally psyched by my new promotion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, does this mean you're like "Atlas Executive" now?

11:09 PM

Blogger AnthonyDe said...

You should have a contest on your blog with the winner getting your old job could just give it to me.

11:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should get them to hire Employee Megan on a permanent basis.

7:42 AM

Blogger Al said...

Nice job. First time reading your blog, maybe I brought good luck.

Maybe not.


10:05 AM

Blogger EmployeeMegan said...

Ok, I totally didn't just pose as an anonymous commenter to suggest that, but I am looking for a job still...

10:21 AM

Anonymous Grace said...


1:49 PM


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