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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No! Not Tony, Too!

NO! Tony, I know we've had our differences. And though they were sexy, I didn't want you to die. Also, looking back on that post now, it's funny that I surmised in jest at the time that my girlfriend when was cheating on me with Tony Almeida. When in fact, she was apparently cheating on me with retarded Billy Zane.

Hopefully, you will defy death once again, rising from the needle-in-the-heart near-death experience to avenge Michelle. But you're probably dead.

You will be missed, Tony Almeida.

About the promised conclusion to my first business trip, is turning into an epic. I'll post it when it's complete, but I have to go watch The Amazing Race now and I may not finish it tonight. But very soon, and I do hope you'll like it. In the meantime, re-read and enjoy the post below.

Oh, and just as a teaser, I'll tell you the title of the upcoming post: "Sex, Scotch & Super Shuttle".



Blogger Jason B. said...

For the Breakfast at Tiffany's remake: the list almost has to start with Lindsey Lohan (even though I think she's got a lizard controlling her brain), Jennifer Love Hewitt (too obvious), Scarlett, but ultimately I think Kristen Bell.

4:06 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Mmmm, Kristen Bell. I do love me some Kristen Bell. Maybe. Hey, sorry about the lack of business trip conclusion post, but it's all stupid Blogger's fault. Swear.

8:44 PM

Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Phew, finally, I think it worked. Someone comment on the new post and tell me they like it.

Or at least that they can see enough of it to disparage it.

10:47 PM

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