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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Say Something Nice: 4.48

I received what I think is some pretty good advice today on how to act in Ho'wood. And that is: if you can't think of anything to say, say something nice.

This nuggest of wisdom is brought to you by a guy who apparently works for the big boss, but no one has any idea what he does.

No seriously, it's weird. And he's weird. It's a totally weird situation, but we think he's some kind of business manager guy, maybe even an infamous branding consultant. But he never stays around long enough for anyone to figure it out and how do you ask your boss "Who is this guy and why is he here?" Seriously, I've been there a few months now (weirdly, after just a few months on the job, I'm going to be like the third-most-experienced person there quite soon...ah, turnover the entertainment industry)

Also weird is the fact that Weird Guy dispenses advice with the enthusiasm of a fortune cookie-making methhead philosopher. Today, it was the above gem.

So in honor of weird guy, I'm going to say some nice things about some of my favorite people.

I consider this guy my mate. But not in a gay way.

I would totally do these girls if I had the chance. Even if they're fat, it'd be worth it so I wouldn't dress like such a schmuck anymore.

I can be a saint if you want me to be, ladies.

Or I can be very, very bad.

Moving on...

The Economist is the only magazine I will (and do) pay for with my very hard-earned money. It's worth every penny for the best, most cogent coverage of international affairs, bar none.

I wish my site was as pretty as his is.

And this is the best site for keeping up with shows you may have missed. But frankly, it's my preferred way of watching Supernatural.

Okay, that's about all the positive feelings I can muster to send into the universe. Because frankly, it's not been a good week.


Anonymous Potame said...

All the freaky people make the beauty of the world

4:16 AM

Anonymous supernaturalfan said...

Do you think Supernatural is going to be chosen for anoterhr season?

12:16 AM

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