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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Proud To Be Gayer Than Most: 6.07

On this national day of coming out, I would like to announce that I am proud to be gayer than most heterosexual twentysomething males.

Because the simple fact is, gay people are awesome.

As a Hollywood assistant, I know that they are at least three to four times as awesome on average than your stereotypical straight guy.

Why? I don't know exactly.

But really, do we ask why the sky is blue?

Usually, when I get the gay implication comment, and I ask why, it's often to do with my apparently admirable haircut, clothing choices, good grooming habits, natural-looking tan (it is, btw), intelligence, manners, or even just general advice.

Look, it's Hollywood, gay is in the air.

So I'm saying, support ENDA, and support the transgenda', too. It's good for you. Because you see, the gays will do you good. They will make your life better.

And let's just let people get gay married, shall we? What's the worst that could happen? Weddings could get less tasteful, shorter, weaker, more of an object of reality television mockery?

Seriously, though, what's your beef with the gays?

If it's immorality, then let he who is without sin cast the first vote against them.

America was founded on the principle of separation of church and state. Marriage, unwisely, is integrated into the function of government, instead of being a religious institution. Because if it was solely a religious institution, it wouldn't be a problem. Some religions could recognize that God is cool with gays, and some could be haters.

But it would all be protected by the aegis of freedom of worship. As it stands, the government has gotten involved with tax breaks and adoption and immigration and inheritance privileges and all manner of civil rights.

So those civil rights have to be equal. Because if America's about one thing, it's equality under the law.

Okay, yes, even preachy, young me knows how naive that sentiment is, but hey, I can have a dream, right?

How 'bout this? It SHOULD be equality under the law.

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