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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Devil Makes Superman Wear Prada: 5.10

How's that for a headline, just after the 4th? Nice and American, right?

The numbers are coming in all over the place and they're wacky. Everything from Italians in the World Cup, to the solid overall box office, and even apparently-clean Mexican elections.

Just in case you were looking for it, the "Brandon Routh Has a Gay Resume" page has become the unofficial site for all things relating to the questioning of Routh's sexuality. Which I think is funny, and a little sad, considering it has received more comments than anything since the Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest. By the way, re: Brandon Routh discussion....who the hell is Tyler Miller? The name's too generic to Google.

But the "real" story is that the box office is doing fairly okay, up about 5% over last year, at least for this weekend.

Considering all the stories above, doesn't a story about Hollywood's fortunes seem inconsequential? I hope it does. . . even for you wannabe assistants out there.

Here's a quick 'me story.'

For the Fourth, I went up to Mulholland with some people. And we ended up parking near Famke's house. You remember, Famke, right? The whore?

Right. Anyway, I actually suggested it. The parking. But only because it was convenient to a nice spot near Runyon Canyon. And not because I wanted to see if she was still screwing retarded Billy Zane. No. It was just convenient.

Shut up. I hear you whispering. And don't think I don't see you. . . lurkers. Okay, yes, fine. Being cheating on made me a little crazy, but at least I hadn't thought about her much before then. Swear.

Anyway, we saw fireworks from the top of Mulholland and it was glorious. La la la. I can still smell her hair sometimes. In the breeze. I'll catch just a whiff of it and turn my head around just to see if she's near.

I need a new girlfriend.