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Monday, October 03, 2005

180 Post Clip Show Celebration!

One hundred eighty posts: that's enough for a clip show, right? I mean, Simpsons did a clip show not long after 100 episodes, so I figure, if anything, I'm overdue. So readers, I know many of you are just arriving, especially thanks to recent linkage from Alex at Complications Ensue and John at Kung Fu Monkey.

Here's your chance to take a stroll down the memory lane of Assistant/Atlas.

So here are my greatest hits, from the beginning:

The first post I ever did.

The first-ever Executive of the Week

Characters of My Blogworld, a rundown of the characters in the blog-- at least for the first two seasons.

The Most Popular Executive of the Week. . . ever.

The Post That Made You Love to Hate Sloane

The Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star Contest! Aka-- I become mildly famous for five seconds.
Thanks, Ry.
The Unbearable Sucktitude of UTA (UTA=United Talent Agency)

The KROQ interview and the Kathy Griffin meet-and-greet.

Celebrity Justice, or as I like to call it, C.J.

The first Whisper Price Game

The Office Plots Thicken

The Season One Obligatory Cliffhanger

Season Two Opener and Superpowers!

The Asstastic Exec of the Week. I guess it wasn't a surprise that it was .

I Write to HBO's Entourage and then they Actually Get Better.

Famke gets an intro while I face a dilemma.

The Roomie Takes Over while I take a vacation.

The Gay Celebrity Guide. Just in case David Geffen invites you for cocktails.

Confessions of a Disloyal Assistant

How Blogging Saved My Career aka- Sloane fires my a$$.

Testimonials From Various People About How They Love Me and My Blog

The Worst Kind of Wasted

Second Season Finale

Desperate Housewives Vs. My Budding Alcoholism

Atlas, Comic Book Hero

The "You Make the Call Game"

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, an ode and smackdown to my homeland.

Shut Your Eyes, It's Hollywood Momentum.

And finally, my new Mission Statement

So there you have 'em-- my greatest posts thus far. Comment on your favorites, bemoan the lack of your personal favorite post on this list, and be sure check our yourselves in the comments sections-- provided you're not a lurker. And, above all, enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Atlas, guess whose airbrushed, cosmetically-enhanced mug shines from an advertisement in the latest "In" magazine[which is a free gay rag in LA]?

Uh-huh. Ryan Seacrest. SO gay.

10:08 PM

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